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A message from
London Fashion Week
Designer Sania Daniel


Welcome to The House of Nubian. We are super excited to transport you from our London Fashion Week Catwalk to your wardrobe. Our aim is to bring elegant British designs with a fusion of African, European and Middle Eastern designs to create garments that will define you.


I am a British High Fashion Designer who is dedicated to giving you the very best of designs, with a focus on elegance, uniqueness and boldness.


My brand is heavily influenced by my native African background. I grew up in Tanzania. The country that is so rich in culture and traditions, boldness and pride. So I wanted to share a piece of this rich tradition and culture to who I am now, a British Fashion Designer who is an expat in Dubai.


 The brand name “The House of Nubian” represents the strong yet feminine Nubian Queens of Africa dubbed as “Wonder Women”, who were defined by their strength, confidence & leadership all wrapped in an embodiment of beauty. 


The designs will always be bold in colours found in African fabrics from around the continent and are reflective of richness cultures from the nations and kingdoms from which the Queens of Nubia reigned.

The London Fashion Week Collection designs are curated by using traditional Tanzanian fabric known as “Kitenge” The bold prints that you see throughout the LFW collection. I combine kitenge fabric with British and Middle Eastern styles to capture the elegance of any aspirational woman.

I have also designed Maasai beads accessories to compliment your design.


The beads are handmade by the Maasai ladies at their native village in Arusha Tanzania. This was very important to me to ensure this Maasai tradition is fully captured and embraced at my runway show at London Fashion Week.

Our new Haute Couture addition features a one of a kind stunning embroidered Maxi Dresses in classic colours with exquisite hand-embroidered glass beads. It’s shaped to the designer’s signature sultry silhouette and stitched with beads forming the iconic look around the waist.

The House of Nubian’s objective is to give every woman an experience. the designs are for the confident woman who desires to stand out from the crowd. As a British Designer, I strive for individuality. The House of Nubian embraces the uniqueness of each elegant, strong and beautiful woman, bringing out the warrior in them whilst emphasizing their beauty, confidence and grace. 


This passion for women empowerment and the love for all things printed Kitenge fabric is what led me to share these pieces at London Fashion Week.


The journey will continue to Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Dubai Fashion Week. 


I hope you enjoy our pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them for you.

With love,


Sania Daniel x

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