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If you decide you want a custom made couture dress that is not in our collection, we will be glad to assist you in designing the dress of your dreams. We will create a sketch and/or a digital image of what your dream dress will look like for you after it is completed. 


We do charge $70 for the consultation to cover our time to do the sketches and help you with designing your dream dress. If you are simply purchasing a ready to wear piece from our collection or we are doing a replication, we do not need to do a consultation. 

*Please allow 5-7 business days for the sketch to be completed

Schedule a no-obligation Facetime/Zoom directly with the designer assistant to discuss what wardrobe magic can the House of Nubian create for you.

E-mail us at pictures of dresses you have found online, or provide us with pictures you have taken from the store that you feel excited about and you feel are most like the dress of your dreams. Depending on what it is you're after, we can send you fabric swatches to take a look through for an in-person consultation later in the year.
We can take measurements for simple orders and actually do an entire order over two sessions. It all depends on what you're looking to buy - so feel free to book a first taster to get the ball rolling, Please provide the phone number or email address to contact you on.




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